August 30, 2007


Honestly, we had coke machines in Papua New Guinea, so I never struggled with this one, but one of my friends asked me to include this. Her cousin returned from the Amazon in Brazil and had a hard time figuring it out. I can imagine the angst that this one would cause. Being eighteen and knowing that everyone around you has probably been using them for years can make you feel very lost and very silly. But, everyone has trouble with them sometimes; their dollars may be crinkled or the machine may be having a bad day.

So, when you step off of the airplane, walk confidently up to the machine. It will probably have been awhile since you have had American soda. It should be all the more sweet since you will have to work for it. At the machine look at the price and insert your money. Since it will be at an airport, it will probably be outrageously expensive. Therefore you will likely need a dollar bill. Smooth it out, unbend the corners and insert it face up, the way the picture shows.

The machine may spit it back out again. This is either because it is too wrinkly and it cannot read it, or because you have inserted it the wrong way. Or it might be spit out because you inserted your Rupiah instead of your American bills. Right it and try again. Or try change.