I am not an authority on this. So you may want to consult another expert. But as far as I understand it, you pull up to the sign. Do this pulling up on an off time, not during the normal times for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It will all be less stressful this way.

After pulling up to the sign, get ready to make your choice because the drive-thru worker will usually give you about a minute to decide. If you are like most of us travelers, you will have trouble deciding between the millions of different options and choices available. So, you will probably have to say, just a minute. In fact come to think of it, maybe I should have suggested that you go inside of the restaurant first and decide what your “usual” will be. It is just so stressful if you have no idea what to order, are puzzling through an unfamiliar menu, and have people behind you in line getting irritated.

Maybe you have finally decided. Mmmm a pineapple malt, some onion rings, a grilled chicken sandwich. The drive-thru worker’s voice comes over the microphone in the sign, asking if they can take your order. Do not freeze up, confidently lean out your window, and yell slightly loudly. Then repeat it if need be. They will then ask that you pull up to the window.

Do so slowly. The key here is pulling up close enough that you can hand them the money through your open window. At the window they will tell you how much it is. Hand over your hard earned cash. They will then tell you to pull up to the next window

Pull up to the last window, then wait. They will give you your order. Check and see if it is right. If it isn’t, do not be too afraid to ask for the right thing. Thank them and pull off. Try not to speed off because you are so excited that you did it. It is bad form. Read the rest of this entry »