December 3, 2007


With the bags of cash that you have been making at your job, and with your newly minted debit card, you are ready to pull up and fill up your new car. I hope that the gas prices will have dropped by the time you are reading this, but right now we constantly get indigestion every time we buy gas. But, I digress. The key to successfully braving the first gas station stop is to pick a gas station that has pay at the pump. They are a little less embarrassing for your first couple of times. It can cover up the fact that you may still be having trouble swiping your card suavely, that you have to follow all of the instructions, and that you are still a little nervous opening the gas tank. Then, pull up very confidently to the pumps. No one will guess that you are a newbie. I probably should have said first of all that you should remember which side your gas tank is on, that way you will know which side of the pump to pull up on. Park close to the pumps, pulled a little forward so that you can get out your door. This takes a little practice, but all you risk is the humiliation of having to stretch the nozzle all the way to your tank, or having to slide out your door because you parked too close.

You will learn quickly.